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We Uplift The World Foundation

Creative Direction, Branding, Website & Logo Design

Giving back is part of the Studio LXR mission. When it comes to the youth, we are always excited to be involved in mentorship opportunities that nurture the future generation of creative talent. We invest in youth-focused projects and companies that are aligned with our values.

At the beginning of 2020, LXR partnered with the We Uplift The World Foundation, We Make Movies and Apple to create a pilot for a 6-week smartphone studio workshop series. We had a talented group of teens from South Central LA, and we were going to have a number of creative industry professionals, business coaches, and health experts come and give guest presentations at LACMA, Dover Street Market and at other locations throughout the city. In March 2020, the day before our first live workshop was scheduled to commence, we received news that schools were closing and all classes would be virtual going forward.


We collectively decided to pivot and we figured out how to deliver a life-changing experience to the students despite the quarantine. As it turned out we made the best decision; the students were able to express their feelings, create freely, they gained lucrative skills, and learned how to focus on their purpose despite the chaos of 2020. At the end of the program, our students were paid to create tutorials on their mobile devices (sponsored by our tech partners). We successfully navigated the evolving landscape of remote learning, new media & educational technologies, the role of video in teaching, and the role of the creative entrepreneur in the future economy. 


Innovation is a must when it comes to education, as 2020 had exposed the cracks in the current education system. To truly empower the future generation, we need to envision and develop new tools and new approaches. Creativity is going to become one of the greatest assets in the new AI-infused future, and there are so many cool ways that individuals and companies can make up for the lack of resources dedicated to the arts in schools, and accelerate young creators' growth.  







eARTh is 12-week healthy lifestyle education series designed to inspire youth to take an active interest in local community gardens, cooking healthy food, art making, video storytelling and creative business practices, while using the latest mobile filmmaking technology. 

The We Uplift The World, or WUTW, Foundation is a Los Angeles-based 501c3 educational company whose mission is to create sustainable, positive change in the world through art, technology, entertainment, and education. In March 2020, in collaboration with Apple and We Make Movies, WUTW launched the eARTh project, a sustainability-focused online mobile filmmaking workshops for teens from Compton, CA. Students explored ways to apply a more sustainable approach to film making, creative entrepreneurship, finances, nutrition, and the environment. They had a chance to learn from invited creative industry professionals and business mentors, and ask questions via Zoom. Within a year, WUTW created immersive online smartphone filmmaking workshops for teens from South Central Los Angeles, Chicago, the Bronx, five different Native American Reservations around the US, as well as launched a new media education partnership with the Inglewood Unified School District in California. 

Studio LXR teamed up with WUTW  to support the development of the eARTh project, designed  and provided mentorship to students. We also created the new WUTW brand identity & website.

WUTW and We Make Movies partnered up with Apple and the Chicago Public School District to bring an amazing opportunity to 25 talented young creatives from Chicago, IL. The students learned how to make high quality films using the phones in their pockets. They learned to effectively tell stories and create content with a purpose. They even got paid to create professional content for top brands. 

+  Creative social entrepreneurship -

+  Principles of “Doing good while doing well”

+  Finding purpose

+  Sustainable approach to life

+  Video making, editing and marketing skills

+  Business basics

+  Financial sustainability / Credit 101 

+  Growing food

+  Healthy meal preparation 

+  Positive team building & communication skills

+  Sustained participation in engaging arts activities

+  Creative therapy

"This world is going to change because of us."
Natalia, 14

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