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T.Y. Wellness

Holistic Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine

Rebranding, Art Direction, Copy Writing, Website Design

T.Y. Wellness is  Los Angeles' premier acupuncture and herbal medicine center. At the time we encountered T.Y Wellness, they consistently showed up in top search results for best of LA acupuncturist on yelp and Google, but their existing website was not representative of the quality and level of care that they offer. They didn't advertise and their highly-ranked web presence was entirely due to their 5 star reviews on yelp and Google. Their website itself didn't show up in direct search results.

T.Y. Wellness practices Traditional Chinese medicine, an ancient healing modality that is considered alternative therapy in the West. T.Y. Wellness had an outdated site that wasn't mobile-friendly and SEO-optimized. The center has had an excellent track record with successfully treating patients (especially with skin issues), outstanding reviews, and thus is in constant high demand and needed a new web presence to match their brand.  

Aim:   Create a fresh new look and feel that represents authenticity, quality care and a passionate patient-focused team of holistic healers.

































Approach:   Minimalist, clean design and simple UI to elevate the brand's old website from an impersonal & low-budget design to a warm, contemporary high-end look. Strong visual storytelling and SEO-optimized copy to reflect the team's authentic and caring personal approach and to communicate their story and methodology in a friendly and informative way that inspires trust.


The earthy, soft color tones, beautiful photography, clean design and classic typography to represent warmth and quality, and to give a combination of traditional and contemporary feel that reflect their medical style. Parallax scrolling and stunning, full-screen imagery to elevate the visual experience on both desktop and mobile platforms. They kept their old logo but everything else was redesigned.

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