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Kechmara Cafe & Restaurant 

Marrakech, Morocco

Website Design & Art Direction, Video Storytelling, Social Media Content Creation & Management

Marrakech-based KECHMARA Cafe & Restaurant hired us to redesign their existing website, and provide fresh, exciting new content for all of their social sites. The website project took about one month to complete and during this time Studio LXR was on site shooting food & event photography for their new website as well as for their Instagram and Facebook pages. We also shot a brand video, and a number of short film vignettes featuring their 16th Anniversary party, and their art and music events.

The successful impact of their investment in social media and new content creation was imminent and measurable. Their sales have doubled in the first week and have continued to rise. They ended up going from their nightly 50% house full to getting packed every night. It has become ‘the spot’ of the local movers and shakers, the place to go out to have amazing high-end cuisine & cocktails and laidback, artistic vibes and diverse crowd. Aside from the major revenue impact, even the Kechmara team had went through a positive transformation and the team spirit has significantly improved.


We used our brand video as a home background on the new website. Video backgrounds on websites are very effective way to convey a business' story and vibe in quick, impactful way. They create an emotional connection with new customers even before they visited the business. Importantly, it is one of the best ways to improve website SEO.


(NOTE: Site designed in 2018. In February 2023, Kechmara was sold to a new owner and they took down the site. )

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