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Food Photography for Restaurants & Food Writers

Photography & Art Direction, Video Storytelling, Social Media Content Creation & Management

As a restaurant owner, you know that great food is only part of the equation. To truly stand out in today's competitive market, you need to create an unforgettable dining experience that engages all of your customers' senses, including their visual senses. At Studio LXR, we specialize in food photography and visual storytelling that will make your dishes look delicious and irresistible. 


Are you a culinary writer? We understand the unique challenges of cookbook photography and the importance of creating images that are not only beautiful but also practical. We'll work closely with you to understand your vision and goals, and create a customized visual strategy that showcases your recipes and style.

Based in Los Angeles, our creative agency has worked with a wide range of restaurants and food-related businesses to create stunning visual content that captures the essence of their brand. Our services include food photography, styling, and editing, all designed to showcase your dishes in the most appetizing and visually appealing way possible.

CASE STUDY: Photo & Video Content Creation For Website and Social Media

We used our brand video as a home background on our client, Kechmara restaurant's new website. Video backgrounds on websites are very effective way to convey a business' story and vibe in quick, impactful way. They create an emotional connection with new customers even before they visited the business. Importantly, it is one of the best ways to improve website SEO.


(NOTE: We designed their website in 2018. In February 2023, Kechmara was sold to a new owner and the website is no longer up. )

Video for Web Home Page + Social Media

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