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Studio LXR is a Los Angeles-based full-service Creative & Digital Social Media Marketing Agency. We specialize in visual storytelling, brand development, and digital marketing. We work with our clients to design an inspirational web presence that empowers their brand and elevates their business success to the next level. Our approach to content and social media marketing is based on an integrated creative strategy that involves extensive market research, lifestyle-centric branding, stunning content, and multimedia marketing packages.

Every great brand has a story and is driven by purpose. We help brands like you explore your 'why' and dig into your brand DNA to identify what makes you unique and relevant to your audience. With a holistic brand strategy in mind, we communicate your purpose and values through crafting digital experiences that connect with people. Our custom strategies and design solutions have consistently resulted in increased engagement, revenue, and brand loyalty. 

Our clients have come from an array of industries, including the arts, fashion, music, entertainment, e-commerce, automotive, tech, real estate to holistic wellness and education. We’ve worked with small business owners, creative entrepreneurs, as well as with top brands such as Apple, Final Cut Pro, BMW, MINI, Volvo, Ford, GM, and Harley Davidson. We've created global photo campaigns, social media content and personal websites for music artists like sitar maestro Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan, Grammy-winner Bilal, Tekitha (Wu Tang Clan), O.N.E The Duo, and V Bozeman, among many others. 

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